WashingtonExec Interviews Ed Granstedt on Democratization of Big Data and BYOD


ed Bio Photo 150x150 WashingtonExec Interviews Ed Granstedt on Democratization of Big Data and BYODFriends at WashingtonExec have just published a discussion featuring Ed Granstedt that I believe you will enjoy for several reasons. One is that Ed is a true technologist with an outstanding background and proven past performance. He has proven himself for his abilities in visualizing solutions, creating working prototypes and inventions, and seeing those inventions through to fielded capabilities. We should have respect for Ed.

But the interview with Ed is actually not about Ed. It is about some important mega trends sweeping our community.

Here is a bit from the interview:

WashingtonExec: How would you say big data, cloud computing, and mobility are connected?

Ed Granstedt: They all enable each other and over time, they all are going to create goods and services that we can’t imagine today. We saw the same things happen with the Internet in 1990s and manufacturing in the 1980s. When things get put out there in a common way, it allows a lot of innovation to occur, and that drives all kinds of possibilities.

The cloud is that common space and it is being created today. The data in the cloud unlocks those possibilities and with prices coming down over time it will enable the proliferation of goods and services. Mobility is an interesting piece to this in that it operates on both sides. It is creating this huge amount of data that cloud and big data are operating on because that is how we interface with the world today, as it provides a platform for consumption of all kinds of data, applications, and problem solving. The component that connects them all together are those applications and analytics that are delivered to us, enabling us to do new and more exciting things.

WashingtonExec: What are your thoughts on BYOD? Are you a proponent of it?

Ed Granstedt: From a personal perspective, I don’t like being bound to something selected by a corporation as the device and the app that I have to run. We are moving into this age of openness to the devices and I really do think that is the way to go. We have to do it in a thoughtful way because the devices that we bring to the table and the data that we manage pose security challenges and intellectual property challenges.

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 WashingtonExec Interviews Ed Granstedt on Democratization of Big Data and BYOD

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