CfA Salon: Tom Steinberg & Ellen Miller [video]

In May, we kicked off something new: the CfA Salon Speaker Series. It’s not new – actually quite old – and we’re hoping you’ll help us dust off this tradition of discussion and lounging (in person for the Bay Area-based and here on the blog for the rest).

At our first Salon in May we hosted Tom Steinberg, founder and director of MySociety, and Ellen Miller, co-founder and director of the Sunlight Foundation. Despite being relatively new organizations each has defined what it means for government to be transparent and open in the 21st Century. As Tom Steinberg notes in the Q&A, “Back in 2004 it wasn’t open data yet, it was called stuff we didn’t have.” Between the amount of data MySociety and Sunlight have opened and the number of people who have engaged with government through their apps and tools, they are open goverment giants and CfA stands on their shoulders.

Keep up with CfA Salons with the videos online or register to attend the July Salon with authors Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer to discuss their new book, Gardens of Democracy, and what impact their metaphor has for government, technology, and society.

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