CFCNCA Extension Announced

The CFCNCA deadline has been extended to January 15, 2010. Just a few weeks left to give.

Local Federal Coordinating Committee Chair, Linda Washington, made the announcement of the extension granted to the CFCNCA by the Office of Personnel Management at the Mid-Campaign lunch on November 19. “While it is good news that we will have some more time for donors to give, it is still only a matter of weeks left in this campaign,” Washington said.

The extension was based upon CFCNCA’s request which noted delayed campaign starts by key Federal Departments and Agencies representing approximately 30 percent of the donors in the CFCNCA as the reason for extending past the regulatory mandated solicitation period.

This extension is only applicable to the CFCNCA and those Departments/Agencies that are located within the CFCNCA geographic boundaries. It does not extend to regional or field offices located in other campaign geographic areas.

Employee Express (EEX) will run until midnight on January 2, 2010. Donors will be able to use the other e-Giving options ( until midnight January 15, 2010 to make a contribution to the charities of their choice.

Together we can show the strength of our community and make a difference in our neighborhoods, our country and our global community.

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