Challenge: Be Happy at Work

A good friend of mine sent me this article, and thought its recommendations worth trying out for a week: – “How to Be Happy at Work”.

Here are my top five new rules:

  • I keep my morning hug and kiss from my bride and kids with me all day
  • I count the number of smiles that I receive
  • I like to write down the things I learn
  • I really hate it when I get shot at
  • I really hate it when I don’t get to eat at least once each day

Anyone want to join me in this test? What are your rules?

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Andrew Krzmarzick

A few guiding principles for me that help to keep a sense of perspective:

1. Everyone’s flawed (especially me!) – be patient.

2. Everyone’s giving their best given their circumstances – be appreciative.

3. Everyone’s got “life” going on – be supportive.

4. Everyone’s got something to teach me – be open.

Marie Anita Brooks

remember how happy my doggie will be to see me when I get home

smile at everybody and say the greeting of the day

keep my tasks in focus and ignore crazy stuff that can distract me off the bullseye

take lunch break and enjoy the moment in time whereever I am right then

Peter Sperry

It is just as easy to be happy as unhappy

It is more pleaseant to look on the bright side

1000 years from now, no will remember or care about the small stuff

Most stuff is small

Sunshine and blue skys are generally free for everyone

If all else fails, imagine slapping the unhappy people upside the head with a dead fish (and chuckle to yourself at the mental image), it will confuse the hell out of them and make for a more amusing day.

Erica Bakota

You’re right that most things are small, but sometimes the small things can make a big difference in your day. Keep yourself stocked on small boosters so that a small thing (like a mid-afternoon hunger attack) doesn’t turn into something that can derail your day.

If you get headaches, keep a bottle of aspirin at your desk. If you get drawn into the afternoon slump, keep some hard candy or a healthy snack around. If you need coffee in the morning, bring coffee. Dry hands? Bring hand lotion. It’s easier to be happy when your needs are met, and sometimes it’s a very tiny, simple fix. Does anybody else find this to be true?

Alycia Piazza

1. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – there is a lot going on inside

2. Smile

3. Reminder to self – I’m blessed to have a job

4. Reminder to self – I’m lucky to have a job I love

5. Attitude – I have control over mine so exert it

Marie Koko

#1 Don’t let yourself get triangulated into other colleagues’ arguments

#2 Get away for even 15 minutes to take a walk or climb stairs during a busy day – it clears the mind!

#3 If you really “need” that piece of chocolate/candy one day, eat it without guilt (just don’t make a habit of it)

#4 ALWAYS be pleasant to coworkers – even if they don’t return the favor you’ll know you made an effort

#5 Pandora in the background tuned to favorite singers/bands (my station is called “Here Comes the Sun radio” for the Beatles tune and features bands/singers similar to the Fab Four)

Marie E. Hardy

1) Be grateful!

2) Remember who you are and trust in yourself.

3) Know that your truth isn’t the whole story.

4) Bridal your tongue & let your heart smile!

5) Be receptive to whatever the day brings!

Marian Henderson

5 rules will take more thought than I have time to give to it today. One rule I can definitely say that I have is: Making a difference makes me happy!

Deborah Smith Cook

Love this. And can’t believe how timely this is. My colleague, Pam, and I were just planning a 6-week course on happiness at work — especially happiness as a government worker. The class begins here in May and we’re hoping to take it viral.

Terrence (Terry) Hill

Deborah needs to check out “Happy – The Movie” that was released on World Happy Day in March. It is available on iTunes and is a great documentary about how to be truly happy. Part of the happiness quotient has to do with genetics, another part your circumstances (job, pay, etc.), but a large portion of happiness is totally in your control. Learn about the happiest country in the world – Denmark. A shock for me was that some of the happiest people live in some of the poorest regions of the world.

Deborah Smith Cook


Thanks for the tips. Three of us went to see “Happy– the Movie” and thoroughly enjoyed it so much that we bought copies and have been showing it at work. It is a very moving experience to see how some people who live in very different conditions that most of us do are some of the happiest people. I love the Bhutan story about measuring GHP — Gross Happiness Product. I’ve very happy to know about the Happy Government Workplace — thanks for sharing.

Letha E. Strothers

1. Bring lunch and snacks–Nothing makes me crankier than being hungry, so I always keep snacks on hand and try to bring my lunch in case I get called into a long meeting right before lunch. I can munch the snack on my way into the meeting and eat my lunch as soon as it’s over.

2. Find someone at work you can laugh with.

3. Pray for your co-workers (esp. the difficult ones!)

4. Plan mini-treats in the day–a walk, a visit to the gym, chocolate, an interesting website

5. Feed the other side of your brain with art, music, puzzles, a phone call to a friend or loved one.