CHARLI Robot Gangnam Style


I’m not really sure were to file this, and am not convinced it is going to be helpful news you can use as an enterprise CTO. But it is something I feel compelled to share with you.

The video embedded below is a mix of art and science.

It is one of the CHARLI series humanoid robots doing Robot Gangnam Style!


I guess there are some lessons for the enterprise CTO. The key one you already know: Robots are coming! And of course you know that these guys will be connected to your IT, so you are going to have to maintain the interfaces and APIs to them. And you have probably already figured out that you and your team will be the ones dispatched to repair your robots. But you already knew that. Maybe the lesson here is that in the future when robots will be all over your enterprise you can expect to have lots of fun dancing with these great creations!

Here is another more serious look at CHARLI:


This one has me feeling sorry for CHARLI. I apologize little fellow. It wasn’t me who did this to you! Remember that.

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