Chicago DOT chief wants real-time info at bus shelters

Chicago Department of Transportation (IL) commissioner Gabe Klein wants to add multi-modal commuter information at the city’s 2,200 bus shelters. Klein, who previously was at the District Department of Transportation (DC), wants to install video screens that display everything from real-time Chicago Transit Authority bus locations to walk times to popular destinations. “Transportation is as much about information and technology as it is about infrastructure,” he said. “In D.C., we piloted multi-modal screens in our bus shelters. They told riders when the next bus was coming. We designed an application that can run on any TV screen with real-time information about various businesses like car-sharing and bike-sharing.” Link to full story in Chicago Sun-Times.

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Christopher Whitaker

Chicago is very lucky to have stolen er, recruited Gabe Klein from DC. He did awesome things over there and we’re looking forward to progress here.

Susan Bregman

Sounds like he’s hoping to implement some of his greatest hits. It will be interesting to watch his progress.