Now MTA riders can file MetroCard complaints online

Until now, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NY) did not make it easy for commuters to fix or replace lost, damaged, or otherwise defective MetroCards. They had to mail the card back to MTA for a replacement (in some cases postmarked a day after the incident occurred) and answer a lot of questions on a paper form. In the words of Benjamin Kabak, writing in Second Avenue Sagas:

It is a clunky process filled with vague questionnaires that often ask for too much unnecessary information, and I know more than a few people who sacrificed the errant swipe rather than deal with the confusion.

But as previewed six months ago, the process just got easier. The MTA unveiled its MetroCard eFIX webpage, where customers can file a claim online. “The introduction of eFIX is yet another example of how the MTA is working to make things more convenient for our customers,” said NYC Transit president Thomas F. Prendergast in a statement. “From countdown clocks, to BusTime, to a website filled with real information that our customers can use, we are constantly working to be responsive to the needs of our customers.” Link to full story in Second Avenue Sagas.

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