Chinese/ChiCom (ChiCom = Chinese Communist) Cyber-warfare Info.


I have occasionally found some interesting information that I thought other people in the different parts of the U.S. Gov’t.(Including State/County/Local) & possibly the Business or Education sectors should know about also, such as the Chinese (Civilian &/or Gov’t.) cyber-warfare issues that are coming to light. These IT issues are not limited to exploitations by the Chinese, but, they are one of the groups (Like criminals, terrorists, other civilians or Gov’t. agents) who are making a concerted effort to utilize technology against the U.S. & the rest of the free world. Especially those people who don’t agree w/ the ChiComs & whom the ChiComs would like to control more.

Ah yes, control issues, control issues, control issues. Hmmm…..and my mother-in-law wasn’t even Chinese!?

Anyway, I’ll try to post the Info. here on my personal page for your review & I hope it will help keep everyone informed & safer (even in other parts of the world).

Thanks for all of your time & efforts to try to keep people free & safe.

Best regards,


John 8:32
De Oppresso Liber

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