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Chinese/ChiCom (ChiCom = Chinese Communist) Cyber-warfare Info.

Hello, I have occasionally found some interesting information that I thought other people in the different parts of the U.S. Gov’t.(Including State/County/Local) & possibly the Business or Education sectors should know about also, such as the Chinese (Civilian &/or Gov’t.) cyber-warfare issues that are coming to light. These IT issues are not limited to exploitationsRead… Read more »


Hi Everyone, If you are thinking about becoming a police officer to help protect America & the West Point Military Academy motto “Duty, Honor, Country” has great meaning for you, as it does for me, then you may want to think about my modified version, “Duty, Honor, Community”. Also check out A Nationwide OnlineRead… Read more »


Hi Everyone, I’m a recently retired cop & I’m in search of my 2nd career in the Federal Gov’t. While I was poking around on the web for jobs & related Info. I found the website which is the website for the book by Richard Bolles, “What Color Is Your Parachute? 2009 – ARead… Read more »


Hi everyone, Wahoooo!!!!!!! What a great game!! We went to the grocery store & I bought a slice of pizza to drop in my empty pit after being out on my motorcycles without lunch, so the girl at the register asked why I wasn’t watching the game & If I was recording it. I saidRead… Read more »