City of Columbus app coming to your phone

The City of Columbus, OH, has just announced a mobile app that combines many of the aspects of Open311 and Open211. More and more cities are building similar information aggregating and issue reporting applications (such as Boston’s Citizens Connect), and we are encouraged to see that smaller companies are able to work with cities on these projects.

From the announcement:

The My Columbus app is organized into four sections:

• My Neighborhood provides information about local government services, as well as maps showing nearby entertainment and stores.

• Get Active points out local parks and recreation areas, in addition to healthful recipes and exercise advice from local “celebrities,” such as Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee.

• GreenSpot offers tips for households and businesses looking to be more environmentally friendly.

• The 311 section allows users to submit service requests for issues such as graffiti and potholes, with an option to upload a photo.

via City of Columbus app coming to your phone | The Columbus Dispatch.

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Andreas Muno

At SAP, we are currently creating a 311 iPhone app allowing cities to put their brand on it, and maintain service categories in their ERP or CRM system. As the service request utilize tried and true SAP software components, creating notifications and cases, it will be easy for cities and counties to integrate the mobile app with field service applications they already use. A field services app for CRM is already available, helping the field service worker getting the job done quicker.