The Federal Coach: No-Cost Leadership Training Ideas

Leadership development is an important investment in employees and a means to improve the performance of federal agencies.

Considering the current budgetary constraints, there are a number of no-cost or low-cost training and development options that you can use to help educate and develop your managers and team members to fill in any gaps.

As noted in books like The Innovator’s DNA, The Art of Innovation and The Accidental Creative, some of the most successful leaders find inspiration by networking with and learning from leaders in other organizations and other fields. Apple’s famously innovative products have been informed by the experience of the company’s CEO, Steve Jobs, with everything from a visit to a calligraphy class in college to a stay at in India.

One development option to consider for your team is scheduling site visits with leaders in other high-performing private sector companies, nonprofit organizations or government agencies. Here at the Center for Government Leadership our fellows benchmark a wide-range of successful organizations for a behind-the-scenes look at strategies for delivering results.

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