Clause Logic Should Be Awesome

I’ve never heard a contract specialist say, “FARSite Clause Logic is awesome”. But they should be saying that. It has the potential to save a hundred of hour per year for each contract specialist (of which there are tens of thousands). Unfortunately, I don’t know anybody that uses it. I know I don’t use it. This is likely because of branding and training issues. I’ll cover the training issue here. A short, YouTube-style “How To” video could go a long way towards training the contracting workforce on how to use this tool. I’m not suggesting hiring a contractor for this — give a trained, tech-savvy government employee a video camera and a basic video can be made. (Just don’t look to me — I’m awful on video).

Link: FARSite Clause Logic

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Jaime Gracia

Wow – this looks awesome, and extremely complicated. Perhaps it is easier to cut and paste from the last contract, than actually rely on a program like this. Similar to the evaluation crieria: keep it simple. FARSite Clause Logic seems to be preparing for any scenario, including nuclear armageddon.

Would love to hear feedback from 1102s who actually use it.

Peter G. Tuttle

It would be interesting to compare and contrast the FARSite clause logic with the clause logic engines that are (and have been) commercially available as part of contract writing solutions which are currently in use by most Federal government agencies. The primary vendors in this market niche include Distributed Solutions, CompuSearch, CGI-Federal, CACI, etc. to name a few. I find it interesting that the Feds would stand-up a custom-built clause logic system when a number of commercial versions already exist that essentially accomplish the same purpose. Interesting. I look forward to reading any comments. Cheers.

Tova Churgin Stein

I have tried to use the clause logic engine to put together a contract. This was about 4 years ago. I found it very interesting but too complex to use without training. Also, being from a civilian agency I had to make changes to remove DFARS clauses and in some cases insert a more appropriate clause. The idea of the engine is great and I would love to see it move to the next level.

Ron Falcone

Some think that a clause logic system “dumbs down” the fed acq workforce. If the solution is designed properly it actually is the reverse — it requires one to apply their knowledge and thought process to construct an accurate, appropriate and fully compliant solicitation or contract document. The clause logic tool merely facilitates the sol/contract formation process.