ClearedJobs.Net Extends Military Spouse Appreciation Effort

ClearedJobs.Net’s effort to publicly recognize military spouses on Military Spouse Appreciation Day has since evolved from a one-day act of outreach into an ongoing effort well beyond May 8, 2009.

The objective behind the original military spouse outreach effort was to highlight the commitment and dedication of military spouses who often must endure months apart from their loved ones. Many such spouses stay behind here at home, keeping their families going as their husbands or wives serve overseas or at locations far from home. As the leading security cleared job board with a very active pool of military-to-civilian employment job seekers, ClearedJobs.Net believed recognizing the many sacrifices of military spouses was a worthy cause to engage in.

The positive outreach endeavor dedicated towards military spouses was executed exclusively by ClearedJobs.Net using social networking tools including:

• Twitter
A new profile was created — @milspouseday – separately of ClearedJobs.Net’s main Twitter feed @ClearedJobsNet.

• TwitPic
A Twitter add-on photo sharing tool, TwitPic was used to upload the individual military spouse dedications. Once a photo was uploaded to TwitPic, the military spouse being honored would be automatically notified with a “tweet”.

• Flickr
For added visibility, ClearedJobs.Net used its Flickr account to post all the military spouse dedications along with a personalized note for each.

• LinkedIn
ClearedJobs.Net used its own LinkedIn groups to get the word out about this positive initiative.

• Facebook
The security cleared job board plugged many of the individual military spouse dedications on its Facebook page.

Feedback collected from folks online was that this military spouse outreach effort was too good to last just one day. ClearedJobs.Net has since decided to continue the military spouse appreciation effort well beyond its original one-day intention. “We have received a lot of positive feedback from our online community as well as many folks supportive of military families,” says Kathleen Smith, CMO.

Personal dedications for any military spouse are welcome by sending an email to [email protected] or leaving a comment on the blog post about the military spouse outreach effort at

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