Public Sphere Camp

At the recent BarCamp Canberra 2, there was some discussion about the US Government 2.0 Camp.

“We should do one ourselves,” seemed the general consensus, so we decided to make it happen. In the meantime, technology and Open Government savvy ACT Senator, Kate Lundy began her Public Sphere events. A number of the people interested in the idea of a Government 2.0 Camp Australia became involved in that.

Sense has thankfully prevailed (never in doubt, really) and we’ve decided to combine the Government 2.0 Camp Australia with the second of Kate Lundy’s Public Sphere events.

And we have…

Public Sphere Camp! It’s a hybrid – a BarCamp with some scheduled speakers and times in an effort to attract both the Cathedral and the Bazaar.

It will be held at Parliament House in Canberra on 22 June 2009. Any and all are welcome if they have something to contribute to the debate. There’s just a small issue – limited space and therefore limited seats. So, sign up ASAP if you’re interested.

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Very cool. Hopefully you can post a blog on GovLoop about it as I’d love to hear how it goes. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Stephen Collins

Hey, Steve! Time zones notwithstanding, you should try to participate online on the day by watching the stream and commenting and asking questions either on Twitter or the live blog.

We’ve got some significant interest going amongst politicians and senior public servants, and I’ll be mentioning GovLoop, so perhaps we can raise awareness some more beyond the US and build the community. I’ll be speaking on the day about cultural change (provided my proposal gets up in the morning session) and I think places like this can act as a great education base for many people, so it’s a good example.

James Dellow

I’ve added this as an event on GovLoop here and also BarCampSydney#5 where we hope to continue the Public Sphere conversation with a Gov 2.0 “stream” (#bcs5gov20)
I’m also encouraging other Aussie Gov 2.0 activists and interested parties to make contact with their local BarCamp unorganisers to turn upcoming BarCamps in Perth and Brisbane (for example) into Gov 2.0 meet ups too.