Collaborative video for healthcare the key for avoiding readmission fines

The healthcare industry has gained a lot of attention lately, especially with the endless debate surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Unfortunately, the majority of the discussion and debate has focused on the shortcomings of the healthcare industry and rarely offers realistic or practical solutions for improving care to patients or accountability in the industry.

A recent post from Polycom, however, offers some great information on how collaborative video and telehealth could offer a simple solution to hospitals looking to engage patients in their own care, prevent readmissions and avoid penalty fines.

“Luckily, new ways to engage and empower patients are now available in the form of collaborative video solutions for healthcare. Utilizing video teleconferencing (VTC) solutions, hospitals and healthcare providers can ensure that the patient is prepared to leave the hospital and educated on what they need to do when they leave.”

Based on the information provided within the article, can video/telehealth be the solution patients and healthcare providers alike have been waiting for?

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