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Leadership In The Era of Healthcare Transformation

The rise of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) specifically presents a unique opportunity to reinvent the relationship between the delivery system and community health, and to develop and implement sustainable business models that integrate the common agenda of medicine and public health. The triple aim of decreased costs, improved quality, and better population health further heightenRead… Read more »

Reinventing American Healthcare: Interview with Dr. Zeke Emanuel

“The execution of the ACA was seriously flawed. Three factors contributed to the rocky rollout: the nature of lawmaking, poor personnel decisions, and poisonous politics,” notes Dr. Zeke Emanuel. The American healthcare system is complex. It was not created complex and expensive from its origins, but evolved to become this way over a period ofRead… Read more »

Developing an Age-Friendly City

Having the option to age independently within one’s community is often presented as a healthy alternative to more traditional assisted living options (e.g. the World Health Organization, AARP). In this option, community refers to more than one’s home. It refers to the built environment around us and individual and collective person environment fit. But howRead… Read more »

Pentagon Picks Purdue to Develop Child Care Curriculum

The Defense Department, in partnership with the Agriculture Department’s Institute of Food and Agriculture, has awarded a five-year grant to Purdue University to design a curriculum for child care programs in military bases. Purdue’s Human Development and Family Studies Department will create a curriculum designed to be extensive and based on evidence to support theRead… Read more »

3 Self Care Tips and Resources to Deal with Stress and Trauma from #NavyYardShootings

I live in South West DC, not far from where the active shooter situation in the Navy Yard has been unfolding today. Like many of us here on GovLoop, I have friends that work and live in the Navy Yard and nearby buildings. To be honest, I’m a little stressed out and I know I’mRead… Read more »

FEHB Program Affordable Care Act Impact

Many federal employees and retirees alike are concerned about being forced out of the FEHB program and into local health care exchanges that are mandated by President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. I’m not sure why it was called the Affordable Care Act when in reality insurance costs have already increased considerably across all sectors sinceRead… Read more »

U.S. Health Care vs. The World [Infographic]

To help clarify the differences between world health care systems, the online Masters in Public Health program at GW created an infographic to show how health care in the U.S. stacks up when compared to 16 other countries around the world. The data in the graphic is provided by the World Health Organization (WHO)’s WorldRead… Read more »

Ideas in Action

When I was a lad, sodas were 10 cents from a vending machine. Not being fond of sweet carbonated drinks, I told friends that it would be great to have these machines dispense ice cold spring water in bottles. Of course they laughed at such a goofy idea. My bottled water idea was a larkRead… Read more »

Collaborative video for healthcare the key for avoiding readmission fines

The healthcare industry has gained a lot of attention lately, especially with the endless debate surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Unfortunately, the majority of the discussion and debate has focused on the shortcomings of the healthcare industry and rarely offers realistic or practical solutions for improving care to patients or accountabilityRead… Read more »

Health Care Security is a Fundamental Freedom — Part III

Corporate America Gone Wild! Some opponents of health care reform assert that the Affordable Care Act will result in a lack of personal freedom due to the so-called individual mandate. But what about our freedom from Corporate America gone wild? Freedom from Wall Street conartists. Freedom from bloated barrons of banking. And freedom from theRead… Read more »