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Collaborative video for healthcare the key for avoiding readmission fines

The healthcare industry has gained a lot of attention lately, especially with the endless debate surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Unfortunately, the majority of the discussion and debate has focused on the shortcomings of the healthcare industry and rarely offers realistic or practical solutions for improving care to patients or accountabilityRead… Read more »

Exploring the evolution of insurance exchanges: quality assurance services

Deltek Analyst Aila Altman reports. Continuing this week’s blog series recognizing Deltek’s recently-released report, “Evolving Health Insurance Exchanges,” we’re drawing attention to an element of health insurance exchanges (HIXs) that has thus far received little attention: quality assurance (QA) services. The lack of focus on these services can be easily pinned to the early natureRead… Read more »

Exploring the evolution of insurance exchanges: We are all connected

Deltek Analyst Kate Tussey reports. Today’s blog marks day 3 of Deltek’s health care and social services team’s blog series centered on our recently-released report, “Evolving Health Insurance Exchanges.” The report provides an in-depth analysis of states and their steps toward implementing these one-stop shops. It also provides high-level recommendations for vendors trying to getRead… Read more »