Combo RSS for 26 agency idea/discussion forums

Update 2010/02/10: Added two feeds from HHS.

Update 2010/02/08: Actually, it’s only 25 agencies whose feeds are included here. Sorry for the counting error! πŸ˜‰

* * *

I put together a Yahoo! Pipe that takes the RSS feeds from 26 agency.gov/open websites (or rather, their corresponding idea/discussion forums) and combines them into one RSS feed:

I’ll try to add more feeds as they become available. Let me know if I’m missing anything.

My main goal was to make it easier to quickly scan what people are talking about on these sites. Seems to work ok in my RSS reader (NetNewsWire). You can do more fancy stuff in Pipes such as keyword filtering etc. Feel free to start your own clone! Please share if you do anything interesting with it. Thanks, Tim

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