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Are you charged with leading virtual teams to get stuff done? Join the Online Facilitation Unconference!

I’m part of a small group organizing an online unconference on the topic of facilitating in virtual environments, using technology such as phone conferences, webinars, online forums, Google hangouts, social media… you name it! Our registration page has all the details: When it comes to helping groups and communities achieve their desired outcomes, technologyRead… Read more »

Online participatory budgeting in SF: new frontier or shiny object syndrome?

TL;DR: It’s fantastic to see a city government get so enthusiastic about tech-enabling public participation. However, I’m a bit concerned that they may be jumping ahead too quickly, focusing on shiny technology when the basics still aren’t quite in place yet. Read my full post here: E-Participatory Budgeting in San Francisco

Open for Business

This post was originally published on the Intellitics blog. Just a quick note this morning to let everyone know that Intellitics is now officially open for business. We’re starting out focusing on two major areas: We’re building Zilino, a social software-as-a-service (SaaS) web application that enables public engagement practitioners to design, host and manage wellRead… Read more »

ParticipateDB: Now Under Creative Commons License

ParticipateDB ( is a collaborative catalogue for online participation tools and one of the world’s most comprehensive resources of its kind. We finally got around to putting it under a Creative Commons license. Read yesterday’s announcement here: Creative Commons If you know of any tools, projects or resources that are missing, please let usRead… Read more »

Zilino Road Show Kicks Off in L.A. December 7

We’re hosting a meetup next Friday in downtown Los Angeles for friends and colleagues in the area to show where we are with Zilino, our online participation app. We’ll give a short demo, discuss the roadmap and hope to explore opportunities for collaboration: Zilino Road Show Los Angeles, CAFriday, December 7, 20125.30pm to 7pmThe HubRead… Read more »

IMPACT Webinars: Tools for Argument Visualization and Structured Consultation

Over on the PEP-NET blog, they just announced a series of webinars for the week after next: Get involved in the latest developments of eParticipation tools! Policy analysts, decision makers as well as civil society stakeholders and other people interested in policy-making all have to cope with numerous arguments brought forward in policy debates. TheRead… Read more »

The Web Is What We Make It

The latest issue of Journal of Information Technology & Politics (Volume 9, Issue 3, 2012, pages 279-297) features an interesting article by Travis Kriplean and others: Facilitating Diverse Political Engagement with the Living Voters Guide (requires registration/payment). Abstract: Unlike 20th-century mass media, the Internet requires self-selection of content by its very nature. This has raisedRead… Read more »

Austrian Government Standards of Public Participation

As I’m starting to prepare for my session on public participation ROI at the IAP2 North America 2012 Conference, I came across Standards of Public Participation, a guidebook developed by the Austrian government and officially adopted in 2008 in an effort to “help administrative staff of the federal government in the concrete conduct of high-qualityRead… Read more »

UK Government Code of Practice On Consultation

Via this post by Anthony Zacharzewski over at The Democratic Society blog , I found the UK Government Code of Practice on Consultation (PDF), which I admit I wasn’t aware of. The documents lists the following seven consultation criteria (page 4): Criterion 1 When to consult Formal consultation should take place at a stage whenRead… Read more »

Apple Asking Local Residents For Input On “Campus 2″ Development Project

Cupertino, CA-based Apple is asking the public for feedback on its planned Campus 2 development project. 9to5 Mac has the story: Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer sends brochure to Cupertino neighbors inviting feedback on new ‘Campus 2′ Apple is currently involved in an outreach program to new neighbors in its planned “Campus 2″ area. A brochureRead… Read more »