Come Get Coffee With Me in NYC Tomorrow Morning (Wednesday)

There are over a thousand people a month reading this blog right now, and I have almost no idea who any of them are. I’m pretty sure Nick Grossman reads it, and Adam Greenfield from time to time, and my friend Natasha from college (who just told me she reads it every week – total surprise to me that she even knows about it). And someone from the Executive Offices of the White House has been by several time lately, which is exciting.

But who are the other 996+ people? No idea.

So I thought I’d throw out an invitation to everyone reading along to come meet me for coffee tomorrow morning before work.

I’d love to learn who you are, know what you’re working on, what your big ideas are. And I’m happy to tell you what I’m working on and what my big ideas are.

Vbar Cafe

Then we can drink coffee.

Then we can go off to work.

I’ll be at Vbar cafe at 225 Sullivan Street (just south of Washington Square) which is a great place to hang out and talk, and has great coffee and free wifi.

I’ll be there from 8:30 til 9:45.

Friends, semi-strangers and total strangers are all invited.

Come by and say hi. You can ping me by email or Twitter to let me know you’re coming, or you can just show up.

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