Come Out Wherever You are: Looking for Archivist and Librarian Involvement on GovLoop

Information Professionals Blog Series

In an increasingly digital world, information management professionals are taking center stage. But outside of the IT tech guys we associate with online world, we forget about the original records managers: the Archivists and Librarians. This blog series will attempt to highlight how culture is changing within federal archives and libraries and how it affects other agencies. It also gives an opportunity for this usually quiet group of federal employees to finally speak out.

Everyone is talking about information management: how agencies are supposed to organize their information, make it accessible and digest it to make it more easily understandable.The conversation rarely leads to discussing the role of Librarians, Archivists and other information managers.

I am currently pursuing my masters in Library and Information Science (Archives Management, E-Gov). In class we are constantly talking about the important role that archivists play in managing the exponentially growing collection of records in federal depositories and librarians play in connecting the public to government information. The question is, where are their voices in the government information arena? Where are they on GovLoop.

There is a group on GovLoop dedicated to Librarians called“Librarians: Federal, State and Local,” but there hasn’t been much action in the past two years. We’re hoping that information managers will come out of the woodwork and share their expertise.

We want to you to share your experiences in your local and federal agencies:

1. How are you handling Big Data and Analytics?

2. What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

3. How are you using social media?

4. What topics do you want to see addressed on GovLoop?

Your role in government is very important and we want your voices to be heard. So speak loud and clear!

This isn’t a library after all.

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