Comment/vote on 2010 SAVE award proposals

If you are in the federal government you can vote on proposals in the White House’s SAVE award process. The proposals come from federal staff and are meant to improve government efficiency or service. They got a staggering number of suggestions (>16000) with lots of overlap among them.

We (federal workers only, I think) are invited to comment and to “agree” or “disagree”. First we have to register with the site but this is pretty quick; they just want to verify that you reply to an email address. I believe they want it to be a .gov address. All submissions and votes seem to be anonymous. You can search them all from any of the links below.

Here are some I found pretty agreeable.

To express a view, click on one of them and then “Register”; after registering you can click through the rest pretty fast to comment or vote on them. Most of these have to do with software (two of which I submitted). They overlap some but are not identical.

* Commit to open standards for software

* Encourage standards-based web application best practices

* Government-wide Wiki for Interagency Info Sharing & Idea Exchange

* Establish an interagency community of practice for effective enterprise software design

* Open Development Marketplace | Collaborative Platform for Cross-Government Web & Application Development

* Wiki platform for number-crunchers in government

* Shared source code platform for number crunchers in government

* Raise the Procurement Limit on Credit Card Purchases

* Streamline and Humanize the Hiring Process

* Invite job applicants to submit resumes in a standard XML format

* Discuss Efficiency

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