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Federal-Wide Mentoring Program for New Employees

It’s time for us to invest in our future government leaders from the moment they join our workforce! Do you remember your first days when you became a federal employee? And do you wish you had someone to talk to or go back and maybe do something a little different? Are you just starting yourRead… Read more »

Fifth Annual SAVE Awards

Today, OMB launched the fifth annual SAVE Award (Securing Americans Value and Efficiency) – a competition for Federal employees to submit their ideas for how to cut waste, save taxpayer dollars, and create a more efficient and effective government. Borne out of the President’s belief that the best ideas often come from those on theRead… Read more »

Fourth Annual SAVE Awards

Another year, another opportunity to tell the Obama Administration how to save money. Federal employees can submit their efficiency ideas in the 4th annual SAVE Award competition. The winner will be invited to the White House to present his or her idea to the President and the top ideas will be included in the Administration’sRead… Read more »

3 Ways Government Could Save Time & Money if They Used Social Media

You hear it all the time: Facebook this, Twitter that, social media… blah, blah, blah. But why should government care? Especially when many are in a pinch for resources and the costs for municipal goods aren’t helping them out so much. Well for starters, two words: Time & money. Now saving time and money areRead… Read more »

Inducement Prizes, Contests, and Challenge Awards

Inducement prizes – as opposed to “recognition” prizes such as the Nobel or Pulitzer prizes – are a growing element of how government is trying to spur innovation in solving tough problems both inside and outside the government, notes Annie Lowrey in a recent Washington Post article. Why? Because prizes are effective. Under the rightRead… Read more »

Comment/vote on 2010 SAVE award proposals

If you are in the federal government you can vote on proposals in the White House’s SAVE award process. The proposals come from federal staff and are meant to improve government efficiency or service. They got a staggering number of suggestions (>16000) with lots of overlap among them. We (federal workers only, I think) areRead… Read more »

PAIRS Study: Relationship Skills Training Prevents Four Out of Five Divorces.

Four in five couples on the brink of divorce achieve significant, lasting improvements from participation in 9 – 12 hours of relationship skills training, according to research published by the non-profit PAIRS Foundation. Seth Eisenberg, PAIRS President and CEO, says the study has important implications for the public and policy makers. “We now know weRead… Read more »

Green IT Best Practices

This newsletter focuses on Green IT and the growing awareness that governments, businesses, and nongovernmental organizations need to better manage their use of technology in an environmentally responsible manner. As large purchasers of electronic products and services, they have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to provide leadership through environmentally sound practices and cost-effective, life-cycle managementRead… Read more »