Commute Social with Skuzme – a must for any serious commuter

The next time you’re riding your favorite transit service, driving your daily morning commute, boarding your weekly flight home, and you see something that may be useful for other commuters, use Skuzme to let them know.

Skuzme connects commuters with commuters, and with better transport choices. It’s a one-stop social network where commuters interact with each other, and with their favorite transport services.

Commuting scocial with Skuzme solves a fundamental problem with other transportation advisory services on Twitter and Facebook. Commuters following a transportation service’s feed on Twitter or Facebook aren’t able to provide their own travel alerts or advisories to the service’s feed, even when they have valuable first-hand information to share!

Skuzme solves this problem by crowd-sourcing alerts and advisories, known as SkuzAlerts, directly from commuters, passing them directly to the followers of the service, and giving riders the benefit of first hand and timely accounts of the service’s status.

Skuzme is purely social. The more the users interact, the richer the experience. It uses social sharing to supplement and strengthen officially sourced travel information and data. The notion is that internet oriented social sharing and networking is a powerful and credible basis for influencing transportation mode, route and service choices, and ultimately the quality of transportation services.

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