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Aging locks and dams – a ‘scary’ situation for Pittsburgh area #WRDA

The lack of funding for our nation’s inland navigational arteries is reaching a point of crisis. Much of the nation’s critical inland navigation infrastructure is crumbling, and not much is being done to resolve the funding shortfall needed to upgrade old locks and dams. Western Pennsylvania’s 23 locks are old and, in some cases, crumbling,Read… Read more »

Skuzme lets you Commute Social

What is Skuzme? Skuzme is a simple way to connect with other commuters going the same way you are. Combining crowd-sourced traffic alerts and social sharing, with traffic alerts from service providers and other social networks, we’ve made it easy to make better trip choices. The next time your transport service provider doesn’t give youRead… Read more »

Its about the media, stupid #commutesocial

However, most interestingly, their experience is less connected to the technology than it is to the social media tools enabled by the technology. via What seems to drive the consumer’s seemingly insatiable appetite for the mobile device, is not the device, but the media we access through the device. Permalink Original post

Commute Social with Skuzme – a must for any serious commuter

The next time you’re riding your favorite transit service, driving your daily morning commute, boarding your weekly flight home, and you see something that may be useful for other commuters, use Skuzme to let them know. Skuzme connects commuters with commuters, and with better transport choices. It’s a one-stop social network where commuters interact withRead… Read more »

MOBI: It’s the KISS of Mobile Platform Development.

I was speaking today to the founders at Click and Pledge, a company that develops online fundraising solutions. We are talking about the perils of nurturing an IT start-up in a community other than the big-brand IT hubs like Silicon Valley, etc. Then I read something one of them wrote a while back. I hopeRead… Read more »

Intermodal future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades #intermodal #freight

It seems that things have never looked this good for the intermodal industry, specifically the railroads and some of the truckload carriers. The tepid economic recovery has been everything but that for them. They’ve taken the recovery by the horns, while pushing it from the rear. The industry has benefited from a double-punch of growingRead… Read more »