Complete List of GSA Schedules

After you have isolated the proper GSA Schedule, you will want to view the list of Special Item Numbers (SIN’s) under that Schedule. SIN’s are the subcategories of a GSA Schedule. For example the Facilities Maintenance Schedule has a SIN for Electrician services and another for HVAC services, and so on. These sub-categories can help you or hurt the cause depending on your products or services. this really is because some GSA Schedules have detailed SIN categories and are well developed, while others are underdeveloped and have immense gaps in the available SIN’s.

If you are looking into which GSA Schedule your company fits into. We have created an information center on our website which will be very helpful; the List of GSA Schedules, complete with detailed descriptions.

Not surprisingly, there are some very challenging overlaps and holes missing from this list. So please feel free to call us for a free consultation on where you companies products or services fit on the GSA Schedules list.

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