Complete technology failure

Yea, I may have complained about technology on Government computers in the past but this encounter takes the cake.

I’m trying to use our online travel voucher program, T-PAX, and it has locked up and failed every day for the last two weeks. What’s the solution? In this internet age of Tweets, Chirps, Pings, Facebooks, and Likes you would think a technician could poke a few keystrokes and the whole thing would be fixed, right?

Nope. I was told to Google some archaic form, pull out my crayon, and fill out my travel voucher long hand. Then put it in the mail and wait the 15-30 days for review and payment. Oh yea, all this while my credit rating takes a dump because I can’t pay my almost $7,000 credit card bill in 30 days. Thanks Federal government. I deserve better.



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