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Disability Awareness Survey

Hello Govloopers. I’m hoping you can help me out. I’m a current Fellow with the Partnership for Public Service Excellence in Government Fellows Program and my cohort group is working on a project to raise disability awareness among Federal Employees. Specifically, we have a survey to get YOUR understanding about the hiring of individuals with… Read more »

Government Conference Facilities?

What if the government had its own conference facilities? Arguable the military already does, if conference organizers utilize their service academy facilities. But what about civilian agencies? Check out the National Conservation Training Center in West Virginia, it’s amazing and a short drive from Washington, DC. Could that be used by other agencies? What other… Read more »

Stop sending me email attachments

Dear Federal colleagues and partners, Please stop sending me 8 mb email attachments. Use other options like cloud computing or Google docs. That is all. Love, A guy who hates to see “Mailbox Size Limit exceeded: This notification is to inform you that your mailbox size has reached the defined limit for Prohibiting Send. What… Read more »

Why are our bosses so eager to warn us we’re laid off?

It’s Friday night, December 16th about 10:00 p.m. and my boss called me to let me know I’d been laid off. “But wait, it’s not midnight yet and the House passed the budget“, I say. “No, if things don’t get passed you can’t come to work on Monday”, he said. So I’m a little ticked,… Read more »