Connecticut busway project gets federal funding boost

Connecticut is creating a new Busway designed to decrease congestion along I-84. The project was given a boost by the Federal Transit Administration (ATA) which awarded the state a $6.3 million grant. The grant will allow the state to acquire property and contract engineers.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation proposed to construct the New Britain-Hartford Busway, an exclusive-guideway bus rapid transit system along a 9.4-mile corridor between downtown New Britain and downtown Hartford. The busway would run parallel to Interstate 84, the primary transportation link between New Britain, West Hartford, and downtown Hartford. To date, FTA has provided $69 million in support of the project.

Projects like this one are a priority for the Obama administration. President Obama’s proposed 2012 budget includes funding for busway projects in El Paso, San Francisco, Seattle, Jacksonville, Oakland, Fresno and Grand Rapids. The project is expected to move forward throughout the summer construction season and create new jobs. The Obama administration is focusing the funding on projects like Connecticut’s which are, “shovel-ready.”

“The Obama Administration is pleased to partner with the people of Connecticut to create jobs now on a project to ease the punishing congestion on I-84.” said FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff. “Governor Malloy’s support of this ready-to-go project echoes the Administration’s position that this is a smart, cost-effective investment in Connecticut’s transportation future. This grant keeps us moving forward.”

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