Crazy Crazy UNproductive day!

Oh what a bad day!

Let’s see. First I almost was hit by a crazy truck driver who wanted to move back and forth between lanes in rush hour traffic. (I really need to telework)

Then I get to work and my CAC pin does not work. Now let’s examine this for a moment. It was working fine the day before, and then the CAC gods knew I needed to get alot of work done, so they picked today to play with me. I call DOIM to see what I need to do. They say to go to the ID card section and have the pin resert. I go down to the ID card section to have my pin reset. Our building is being remodeled, so they are painting the area near the ID card section. THE paint the the worst paint I have ever smelled in my life. It smelled like rotten eggs. I am very sensitive to smells (strong smells give me a headache). There I sit in the ID card section, and I am slowly getting a headache. Where did they get this paint from, the dump? It is finally my turn to get my card fixed. I get it fixed and before I pass out from the paint fumes I am able to leave. (I did ask the SGT at the ID card desk if the smell bothered her. She said they have been painting for a week. Her brain is not rotten). OK. Now I go back to my office – which is two buildings over and prepare for a productive day. NOPE the pin still does not work. So, I call them back. I have to go back to the rotten egg room again. I go back over there and they reset my pin again. My head is about to explode by that point. They try my card and it works and they realize it must be my CAC card reader. They tell me to call DOIM. SO, I go back to my office and call DOIM. By now, it has been 2 hours, and a headache later. They somehow do their thing and unlock my computer and then everything works great! Humm… I called DOIM first and now it works. Oh well. It is now 10 am and I can finally settle down and get some work done. I open my e-mail, and as that is loading up (I have an old computer), I get some coffee, and take something for my headache. The first thing I see is an e-mail about Commander’s Coins. What a pain. I helped write our local policy over a year ago, and now whenever anyone wants to order coins, instead of reading the policy, they come to me. I write them back, No you can’t. Here is why. But, here is how you can. ….And on and on. OK…I think. At least I am needed. Job security, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finally, I can get some contracting work done. I open the next e-mail. A contract I had worked on for over a week, and I stayed late last Friday night to finish needs to be cancelled – NOW. So, I spend the next few hours looking up information in the FAR, contacting the Vendor, starting a spreadsheet to figure out how much we might owe them (they will send me invoices in the morning). That was finished. At least for today. I forgot to eat lunch, so my head is really kicking at this point. I take a break to have some blueberries and some yogurt. At least it makes my head feel better. Now we are looking at about 1 pm (1300). And what happens, the maintenance guy comes by and tells me there is a workorder for a leak above my desk. Background story here – There was a small leak back in DEC which left a small water stain on my ceiling. Everytime the maintenance manager walks the building, he see the water stain, goes into shock, and puts in a work order for my cubicle to have someone check for a leak. This has been going on at least once a month since DEC. I tell the maintenance man, “Why can’t somone just change out the ceiling tile, instead of a work order for a NON-leak every month?” He ignored me. I tell him there is no leak and has not been one since DEC. Again, he ignores me. So I just sit down and give up. He doesn’t just check one ceiling tile. NO that would be too easy. He removes and checks under all 9 ceiling tiles. Now I have known this man for 5 years now, and he is a very smart man, but I almost died laughing when he came down off the ladder and said, Yep, no leaks. He leaves. BUT, what does he leave behind? WHITE stuff everywhere!!! Dust, dirt, insulation, and white stuff has rained down on my desk and all of my contracts. And in fact, It is in every single spot. By the time he left it was already 2pm. I had almost gotten killed today, my CAC card did not work, I wasted time quoting a policy that is out there for everyone to read, I cancelled a contract which I wasted a week on, and my head was splitting open. Plus, I think I also had a partridge in a pear tree. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, let me tell you a little about myself. There are certain things that do not bother me at all. My sink is full of dishes right now, and I have clean clothes that need folding on my couch. BUT, GRIT is my number one enemy. I have a serious OCD problem with grit and crumbs. I really, really dislike them. I don’t mind getting dirty. Sand outside is not an issue either. BUT, grit and crumbs on my desk will drive my to the Loony bin. Thank you Mr. maintenance man for sending me 100% insane today.

I bought a diet Mountain Dew and I spent the rest of the afternoon tearing apart my desk and cleaning all the stuff from everywhere. I think I accomplished just enough to keep me from getting fired today. My boss, who knows how much I hate grit, was laughing at me. It was a very funny afternoon. It was like someone was making a comedy. Very little went right today. I asked my Boss if he needed me to work Comp today, and when he said no, I went home and crashed in front of the TV. Now, it is bed time.

What adventure awaits me tomorrow? I hope I can get some actual contracting done tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚ Good night everyone!

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