Create a New Reality

So, everyday, I get a quote from the Einstein widget at

Today, the quote was, “As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.”

At first, this seemed to be a rather negative statement and I felt a little resentment. Why would a genius like Einstein believe that more knowledge is detrimental to growth? Then, I thought, he wouldn’t. He’s a genius. And I am not a genius, so I took the time to listen to him more closely. Then, I heard him say that as we get smarter, we find that there is more that we do not know. I heard him say, Knowledge, in itself, is humbling.

I meet folks all the time who purport to know it all, or seem to know it all. Those around them look at the knowitall starry-eyed and others try to make the knowitall look stupid, so they can look smarter. Yet, when those knowitalls recognize that “all” is really not knowable, they show they are truly wise. The circumference of darkness is part of the knowing.

So, Let us create a new reality, where it is ok to be humbled by the depth of knowledge we have and share it with others. What a wonderful place it would be. I would like to live there.

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Don Jacobson

Great post, Deb! For me, this brings to mind the many managers who feel they have to appear that they have all the answers. The irony is that they don’t want to look weak, but by acting like they have all they answers they demonstrate how much they do NOT know. It’s a quick path to losing the respect of their staff. They also are unlikely to ask their staff for their ideas or input (again because as boss they’re supposed to have all the answers, right?). This cuts them off from an incredibly rich source of innovation and knowledge that is right at their fingertips. Humility is really, really important if you want to keep learning, growing and leading.


Deb Forman

Thanks Don. you are so right. There is so much wasted talent and energy out there that is caught in the cross-fire. Yet, as the new generation enters the workforce, the expectations and tolerance levels are changing. Perhaps we are beginning the new Reality!!!