Creating Change in Government

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William Eggers recently shared an article on Twitter by Tiffany Dovey Fishman called Creating Change in Government.

Change is something we are all very familiar with in government. As someone who’s been around for a while I’ve certainly seen my fair share. Most of it positive, with the odd head shaker mixed in.

Over the past couple of years the amount of government wide collaboration has grown by leaps and bounds. The advent of social media tools, both internal and external, has given us ways to communicate with each other in real time about issues and problems. These tools allow us to share and work together across organizations and departments like never before.

In her article, Tiffany talks about viewing “the government workforce through a different lens” and that “Organizations accomplish more when employees feel that they are part of a unified group, with the same objectives and the same ideas about how to get things done.”

As I was reading the article I though this is #w2p, this is Blueprint2020, this is me. I wouldn’t classify myself as a “positive deviant”, but maybe some others think of me that way. Like many other public servants I like to challenge the status quo and try to come up with new and innovative ways to do things. We aren’t going to change the world over night but if we all work on our own small pieces we will be able to make wholesale change and improve the public service.

Do you agree?

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