Culture Change in Government (the blog series)

One of the most daunting challenges in Open Government will be in tackling cultural resistance. Culture is hard to define and see, and yet it’s effects can be profound and often frustrating.

In January, I introduced the topic of culture and its many dimensions, citing insights of several Organizational Development (“OD”) thought leaders to help frame the challenge. Yesterday, 3/24, I facilitated a discussion at the CBODN Gov SIG on the specifics of Culture Change in Government. The framing for that conversation is here, including some insights from two important sources: Eggers/O’Leary in their book “Man on the Moon” and some perspectives from Beth Noveck on citizen engagement from “Wiki Government”.
There are no easy answers when it comes to culture change. But for Open Government and Gov 2.0 to work, we’re going to need to take these challenges head on.
Would love to get your thoughts and comments.

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Joe Sanchez

Chris, you’ve got a great discussion going! I provided feedback focusing on the leadership component of culture change.

Chris Jones

Hey Joe,

Thanks so much for your post, and your feedback over at .. very much appreciate your insight on Leadership in Culture Change, and I couldn’t agree more. Strong leaders will always be the single most effective means to inspire organizations to change direction. After all, leaders are needed to “take people where they wouldn’t go by themselves” ..

Many, many steps must come with that leadership, of course, to clarify and reinforce the vision and associated “new behaviors”. But I agree change must start at the top.

I’ll respond over on the blog too, Joe. Thanks again for jumping in.

Looking forward to more of your insights –


Christopher D Jones
Cary, NC