Culture of Service in Government

Is your agency or department interested in enhancing their “Culture of Service?” I can help. After 20 years in government, 12 in customer service specifically, I’ve gone out on my own. I’m offering my proven system “Six Essentials to Building a Culture of Service” to government agencies around the Country. I’m currently writing a new book on customer service, specifically for government. Please give me a call and we’ll chat. For more information, see

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Wendi Pomerance Brick

Are you confident that the supervisors and managers in your organization have the training they need to support a “Culture of Service”?

When I became a supervisor for the first time, there was no training available. I lamented about that. Someone said to me, “it doesn’t matter why your staff does what you say, just that they do it.”

All these years later, I respectfully disagree.

Giants in the field of leadership, like Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard disagree too. They, and other greats, have inspired people to believe in leadership as a means of improving the quality of life for the people in your sphere of influence, and thereby the quality of service to your external customers.

CSA is proud to introduce a new 4-hour class called “Communications Skills for Supervisors.” We’ve given this class to rave reviews, and would like to provide it to your team.

If you have just a few hours to send your supervisors to one professional development class, this is the one. It is impactful, hands-on, and gives supervisors the motivation and skills they need to vastly improve internal service.