Cybersecurity: The Next Frontier in War on Terror

Since the beginning of the Internet, there have always been bad people waging cyberattacks against both the private and public sectors. While many security solutions have been put into place — and more developed each day — the bad guys often stay one step ahead.

In addition, the Computer Emergency Readiness Team of the Homeland Security Department recently reported that the number of security breaches of U.S. and private-computer networks almost doubled to 72,000 from approximately 37,000 last year.

As such, both Boeing and Lockheed Martin are beefing up their cybersecurity solutions to help protect our nation on the cyber front, as well as tap into the estimated $11 billion market.

Boeing created its Cyber Solutions division in August, which officially launched in October. And, Barbara Fast, VP of the Cyber Solutions Unit, told Bloomsberg that they set up the unit “because of a realization by the company that it’s a very serious threat.” She also said that “it’s not a question of if we’ll be attacked but when and so how will we be prepared.”

In addition, due to the increase in the number of attacks on the U.S. government and private sectors, President George W. Bush announced a wide-ranging national cybersecurity plan almost a year ago. Headed by DHS, the plan calls for a $6 billion dollar investment in systems and technologies aimed at protecting U.S. communications networks from terrorists, spies and hackers. Back in January 2008, the administration, as well as lawmakers, said that the prospect of cyberterrorists hacking into a nuclear-power plant or paralyzing Wall Street is becoming possible, and that the U.S. isn’t prepared.

The issue of cyberwarfare is not going away, no matter who is in office. As such, the Center for Strategic and International Studies issued a report on December 8 calling for President-elect Barack Obama to create a White House office to oversee the effort.

We will certainly be tracking this issue and how we are developing technologies and solutions to meet the imminent rise of cyberwarfare.

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