Daily Dose: Congressional Committee Seeks Answers about Occupy DC

With high unemployment, a national debt that doesn’t seem to be slowing because of political gridlock, and a direction in foreign policy many disagree with, it’s as good a time as any to be frustrated with the current state of affairs. Frustration was taken to a new level when a protest movement, called Occupy Wall Street, took to the streets in encampments on Wall Street, which quickly spread across the nation. If you’re visiting Washington, D.C. there’s a good chance you’ll stumble upon them there, too, only blocks away from the White House. Due to sanitation and safety concerns, some politicians are looking into the possibility of ousting the occupiers. For the Washington Post, Ed O’Keefe reports that a congressional committee is considering just that in his article:

Darrell Issa Plans Hearing on Occupy D.C.’s Risk to Public Safety

“The committee’s inquiry come as protesters continue camping at the downtown Washington site, despite a burgeoning rodent population and an incident last week where a protester left an infant abandoned in a tent.”

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which oversees the District of Columbia, is calling for a hearing next week over what to do about Occupy DC. The chair of the committee, Darrell Issa, claimed that Park Service officials have been unresponsive as of late to requests for information about Occupy DC. Because of this, a hearing is necessary to assess the situation.

Should Occupy DC be ousted from McPherson Square in Washington, DC? Do protesters have a constitutional right to occupy a public park overnight and to set up their own housing?


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