Daily Dose: GAO budget cuts could force furloughs

There is a little irony in the fact that the government agency responsible for finding ways to cut costs at other Federal agencies is planning on scaling itself back, as well.

The GAO is looking to cut $35 million from its budget, which could mean mandatory furloughs for all GAO employees. The Federal watchdog organization is taking on the credo that it’s better to share sacrifice amongst all employees, as to keep operations and productivity as least affected as possible.

“Shared sacrifice spread as evenly as possible across the organization would be better and actually less disruptive than choosing to shut down a field office or terminating a significant number of other positions,” GAO Comptroller General Gene L. Dodaro said in a message to his 375 employees.

Other areas that GAO said it would institute cuts included student loan repayment programs for employees, a hiring freeze (except for essential positions), and cutting down on its contracted labor, amongst others.

The furloughs may force GAO employees to take up to six days of unpaid leave.

This all speaks back to a question posed last week by Mr. GovLoop, Steve Ressler. Can we really do more, with less?

As impending budget cuts loom, are you feeling the pinch? Do you think it’s better to furlough all employees, rather than to eliminate several positions? Can you do the same, or more, with less?

Budget Cuts at GAO May Force Furloughs


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