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Daily Dose: OPM Questions the Management of Funds in the CFCNCA (a Federal Charity Drive)

The Combined Federal Campaigns of the National Capital Area, a federal charity drive which raised over $64 million this past year, has had expenses questioned in an audit by the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) inspector general; the audit charged that about $1 million could have been put to better use. The audit noted that food, travel, and other expenses were overcharged. OPM Director John Berry has said that:

“[CFCNCA is] the world’s largest and most successful workplace charity fundraiser … We are committed to taking all steps necessary to ensure that charities receive the maximum amount possible from this historic program.”

In lieu of the findings, the non-profit managing the charity, Global Impact (GI), has agreed to pay back the $308,820 they were accused of mismanaging. However, the reimbursement is being challenged; GI President Renee Acosta said they originally agreed to the reimbursement as not to interfere with the forth-coming fundraising drive.

The OPM is also having Charity Navigator, a watchdog organization for non-profits, create a task-force to monitor wasteful spending by GI.

Audit Questions Charity’s Expenses

Did you participate in the CFCNCA? What was your experience?


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