Daily Dose: OPM Under Scrutiny for USAJOBS at House Hearing

Today the House is examining whether OPM is “properly equipped to handle an increasing number of federal job applications and the timely payment of retirement benefits.” This is the result of several issues surrounding the USAJOBS website; Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.) points out that “taxpayers are now paying for a system that doesn’t work, costs more and takes business away from the private sector.”

“With a federal workforce size of approximately 2.8 million people, the Office of Personnel Management is tasked with recruiting, retaining, and honoring a world-class workforce for the American people,” Ross said. “Unfortunately, OPM’s track record calls into question its ability to resolve its hiring and retirement claims systems in order meet its core mission.”

OPM Director John Berry has constructed a testimony both apologizing for the inconvenience, and proving with site statistics that USAJOBS has continued to be useful for many jobseekers despite its recent setbacks. Patrick McFarland, OPM’s inspector general is also expected to testify.

Do you think this hearing will spark further improvements to USAJOBS 3.0?

USAJobs snafu focus of House hearing


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Leslie Ann Sully

all I know is I cant get into the system since the changes. It says my resume was saved but it keeps me in a loop of asking my security questions and password. good thing I am not actively looking for another job!