Tuesday’s political law links

HUNTSMAN: THANKS, DAD. The Times. “Providing perhaps a last-chance boost to the flagging presidential hopes of former Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. of Utah, an outside group that is supported by his father, a billionaire chemical executive, and other wealthy backers plans a major advertising campaign on his behalf in New Hampshire starting on Tuesday. ”

LIFE FOR STOCK ACT? Roll Call. “It’s not every day that an obscure bill with little support or momentum gets an overnight boost. But exactly that happened in 60 short minutes Sunday night.” Here’s more on HR 1148 at OpenCongress. This bill would, among other things, expand LDA disclosure to political intelligence consultants’ political intellgigence activities. Both of those terms are defined in the text of the bill.

CORPORATE POLITICAL LAW COMPLIANCE NEWSLETTER. The latest from Allen & Overy is online here. The newsletter notes several corporate governance measures and explains that “[t]hese trends suggest that companies – particularly those that are publicly traded in the United States – are likely to face increasing shareholder and public scrutiny of their political activities, including increased pressure to disclose comprehensive information about their political expenditures.”

THE HILL AND THE STREET. The Street. “Congress people may not know much about a lot of things but as the nation’s legislative creators they know the law, even before it becomes law. They also have the inside track on the economy.”


OGE EXTENSION. OGE extended the deadline for comments, which was before Nov. 14. Story here. “The extension, which will be published Tuesday in the Federal Register, draws out the battle over a controversial regulation that has riled K Street. More than 66 comments have already been submitted to OGE on the proposed rule, many of them critical.”

US ATTORNEY INVESTIGATES LIU FUNDRAISING. Story here. “A month after a damaging report on his campaign contributions, City Comptroller John Liu has now caught the eye of the U.S. attorney’s office.”


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