Daily Dose: Presidential Hopefuls Spread National Defense Disinformation

National defense is always a highly touted issue during Presidential campaigns. And rightfully so, as what could be more important than our national defense? This primary season, presidential hopefuls are going after Obama just as much as they are their Republican rivals. But what happens when the are spreading potentially dangerous disinformation? Recently, presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have spread rumors that Obama has weakened the Navy as well as cancelled military exercises with Israel. Romney is quoted as saying:

“…under this president, under prior presidents, we keep on shrinking our Navy.”

Advice to presidential hopefuls: Details Matter

In reality, Obama is building 11 ships a year as opposed to the 9 as claimed by Romney, and the technology is advancing. On the same note, Gingrich claimed that Obama cancelled military exercises with Israel, when in reality Israel postponed the exercises.

How can we hold these candidates accountable for what they say? Should “fact checking” by the media become more of a priority during campaign season?


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