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Dan Gable: Life, Success & Wrestling

Since the recent news regarding wrestling being taken out of the Olympics, I’ve pulled up some great clips of famed wrestler and coach, Dan Gable. Now we can debate whether or not wrestling should be gone and synchronized swimming stays but that’s not what this is about. I was looking at some of these clips that have come through with Dan Gable speaking and it’s been really amazing just how much of what he says applies to anything you do. He is essentially talking about wrestling and coaching in most clips but the concepts he discuss can really be applied to every aspect of life in general. Listening to a recent clip posted out there for people to take a look at is Dan Gable talking about winning and increasing the marketability of wrestling to the mainstream audiences.

The relentless approach that he takes to everything he does is admirable and for those of you who don’t know, this is a guy who has succeeded at just about everything he has ever done. He was an outstanding college wrestler, an outstanding Olympian, outstanding coach and now, as a proponent of wrestling is fighting the good fight to popularize the sport that he believes instills the values that help people be successful. This is a man who just loves the sport itself and it’s interesting to listen as he talks about what it takes to be successful. He talks about the value of having a team, the value of having passion, and the importance of getting up after you’ve failed. I think this is really interesting because here’s a guy who didn’t do a lot of failing and talking about how important it is to be passionate about getting up after you fall down. One of the quotes that really stands out to me is when he talks about hating the fact that there are wins and losses in wrestling because both guys have sacrificed so much to be there and the fact that one person has to lose is really sad on some level. I thought it was a really cool insight from somebody who been really successful and really understanding of just how much goes into the fight itself. There wasn’t a lot of ego around failure and in fact, he goes on from that quote to talk about how important it is to get up when you fall down. He discusses falling down means you need to go back and analyze why you weren’t successful and to use your failures as a gateway to success. If you watch the whole way through, take out the fact that he’s talking about wrestling, you can apply it you just about anything in life. So I just thought I’d share this link out with the broader business world and see what everyone’s thoughts were.

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Andrew Krzmarzick

I’m from Iowa, so Dan Gable is a legend to me and others watching him up close. Regardless of how people feel about wrestling, Dan is an example of someone whose life exudes excellence in every way.

Scott Kearby

Thanks … that brings back some memories. Even though I only wrestled at the HS level, I think the sport taught me some valuable lessons that have lasted and have shaped me, and they echo many of the things Dan touched on.