Along with robins and pollen, another sure sign of Spring is dandelions. I wage my annual war against these weeds every year, but I think the dandelions are winning. When our children were younger, we use to pay them 25 cents per dandelion if they included at least two inches of root. Not only did the kids get extra pocket money, we had very few dandelions left standing in our yard. The kids are grown and no longer live at home so now every Spring I arm myself with a digging tool, a plastic bag, and (sometimes) gloves. This past weekend, I made a minimal attempt at my long fought enemy, but there were so many imbedded in the rapidly growing clover in the front yard, not to mention the vast spread of dandelions in the backyard that I gave up after the first two dozen. I may give it another attempt in the next weekend or two, but I am starting to think that yellow flowers look nice on a green lawn.

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Paulette Neal-Allen

They are pretty, aren’t they? I think I’m going to give up too, and call the guy at church who owns a lawn-care service that includes fertilizing, spraying for weeds, and aerating in one low-low pay for the whole year in advance price 😉

Kathy A. Albetski

They are. Did you know that a good weed killer is plain white vinegar? I use it on the weeds in the side walk cracks. The weeds dry up in a few short days. I don’t want to try it on the dandelions because I am afraid it will kill the grass, too.

Paulette Neal-Allen

It probably would kill the grass. I didn’t know that, though. I have a whole bunch of that stupid grass with one giant root for the whole blasted patch in my flower garden out front, and my mom keeps telling me to put round up on it. I think I’ll try vinegar instead – it’s cheaper 🙂