DC Budget Transparency – The saga continues

DC Gov’s budget transparency efforts continue. The DC Office of the Chief Financial Officer today released a slightly improved version of the CFOINFO.dc.gov dashboard, showing spending and budgets at all levels of government, down to the sub-agency level, allowing users to slice and dice budget data and see where their money is going.

One of the new additions to CFOINFO is an #iphone app! Users can now analyze agency budgets and expenditures right on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Everything is done through drill-downs and click throughs.
We are proud of our partnership with MeLLmo, allowing us to use their uber-slick Roambi app to make CFOINFO available via the iPhone. We are planning on releasing dozens of new iPhone reports via Roambi in the next few weeks. We are also planning on releasing two new major upgrades to CFOINFO in the next week.
Stay tuned and keep the comments coming.

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Sonny Hashmi

Thanks for the kind words Jenn. We take our cues from gov20 heroes such as your self. Keep sending us ideas.