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Invitation to 4/7 Webcast: SAM/IAE Target Technical Architecture

The Integrated Award Environment is happy to invite our Industry Partners to participate in IAE’s upcoming outreach event on April 7, 2014 from 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM. This virtual meeting will focus on the Environment’s target technical architecture and is intended for a technical audience. Please register online at the following link to attend:Read… Read more »

Call to Industry – join GSA to discuss the future vision of the Integrated Award Environment (IAE)

The Integrated Award Environment (IAE) constitutes a critical set of information systems that serve both industry and government as a consolidated platform supporting government-wide acquisitions. These include SAM, FedBizOps, FPDS-NG and others. Over the last year, GSA has invested significant effort and resources to stabilize, secure and continuously improve the new SAM system and program.Read… Read more »

Security is more than firewall ACLs

I am en route to see family via train and sitting in the cafe car eating a hot dog, and the gentleman sitting behind me picks up the phone to call (presumably his aunt or mom). After pleasantries and holiday wishes, the conversation turns to the peculiar topic of voicemail security and passwords. In theRead… Read more »

Digital Divide is a poor choice of words

I have been thinking a lot about issues and cultural influencers contributing to the digital divide issues in America. I have mentioned certain aspects and manifestations of Digital divide in my previous blog posts here, here and here. One of the prevalent misunderstandings among policy makers regarding Digital Divide issues is that it is somehowRead… Read more »

Digital Divide – Manifestations

I have previously outlined some thoughts an experiences related to Digital Divide issue s in my community and my observations and thoughts on steps the community and to an extent, the government can take to overcome these issues. I am firmly in the camp where I believe Digital Divide issues are getting worse, and somethingRead… Read more »

Mobile Virtual Platforms – Possible sea change

(PingBack to original post on There have been a few recent developments that have individually generated an aggregate reaction somewhat equivalent to “Meh” (although the specialty markets and analysts have been abuzz). However, taken together, I think they can form the platform basis for a Sea Change in mobile platforms. Of course, aRead… Read more »

Geek Nostalgia – What my geek past has taught me

Its weird when you think back and see how things affect you over time, and how what you know is rooted in the path you take in life. I recently read Malcolm Gladwell’s excellent book “Outliers” that carries this underlying message throughout its narrative. Among many of its messages, I was really intrigued by theRead… Read more »