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iPad pilot – version 1.5 – More thoughts

First, check out some great comments and my responses In response to my previous post Additional Thoughts: Ok, now some additional thoughts regarding the iPad, in fact, regarding barriers to the mobile revolution in general. 1) Access to secure, reliable, continuous Wifi networks: Read this interesting article the other day and it made me think.Read… Read more »

Role of SoA in Government Tax operations = Real revenue for states

Service Oriented Architecture is often touted as a mechanism to improve business performance, but is often limited in its effect to improvements in IT architecture. However, the DC Office of Tax and Revenue is showing how SoA, and specifically leveraging the Enterprise Service Bus architecture can lead to real revenue growth for state and localRead… Read more »

DC Government budget transparency – What’s up with all the fees?

Ever wonder how much DC Government collects in “Out of state Vehicle Registration Fees”?. What about the “Underground Storage Tank Fines and Fees”? Library Fines? What about the proceeds from busting illegal gambling and narcotics operations? Where does this money go? What services does it fund? Now you can research this and other similar informationRead… Read more »

Video tutorial for #dcgov CFOINFO #iphone app now up on #youtube – More to come

*** Go to “Vote for Kevin” discussion at to cast your vote *** We hate training/instruction manuals. We feel that no one bothers to read pages and pages of text. With the release of CFOINFO, we are experimenting with video tutorials. As you can tell, video production and demonstration is not exactly our strongRead… Read more »

How does #dcgov record bad debt? The accountants have spoken

A questions was raised in one of my earlier blog posts about where #dcgov records bad debt and where can it be found for analysis? I have consulted our accounting brains and have an answer for those interested: In a nutshell, there are two types of outstanding debt: 1) Outstanding receivables (such as tax liability,Read… Read more »

DC Budget Transparency – The saga continues

DC Gov’s budget transparency efforts continue. The DC Office of the Chief Financial Officer today released a slightly improved version of the dashboard, showing spending and budgets at all levels of government, down to the sub-agency level, allowing users to slice and dice budget data and see where their money is going. One ofRead… Read more »

DC Budget transparency – App of the week?

This week DC Office of the Chief Financial Officer released an interactive dashboard ( that provides an intuitive interface for taxpayers to analyze budgets, expenditures and spending plans. Advanced filtering capabilities allow zeroing in on key financial data in a few clicks, such as overtime pay for firefighters, federal subsidies for Medicare/Medicaid programs, Contractual costsRead… Read more »