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DC Office of Chief Technology Officer goes ROWE

I just have to share this news. Bryan Sivak just announced that the DC Office of Chief Technology Officer will introduce a Results-Only Work Environment by January 2011. As I just posted on Twitter, Bryan Sivak just gave hope to hundreds of government employees suffering in the old world.

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Henry Brown

I suspect that maybe the devil might be in the details!

Yes there are a significant number of positions within the CTO office which would readily lend themselves to working in an ROWE environment (Computer programmers, project analysts/managers, security analysts) but would offer that there might be a large number of staff(customer support, administrative support, front line “communicators”) who are going to require a great deal of effort/support by management to bring them into the ROWE environment

Alycia Piazza

Awesome +3 – I think I’ve promoted this book before, but I can’t help but say Drive, by Dan Pink is awesome at explaining how this will work and why this can work!!!

Andrea Schneider

I’m following Adriel! I can imagine so many results oriented work projects which are integrated with solid, strategic planning. Makes evaluation so much easier if you know where you want to go in terms of outcomes.