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Introducing the Model Open Government Directive for Local Government

In December, Kevin Curry, Alissa Black, Scott Primeau, and I began working on a model open government directive while at Citycamp Colorado. After a flurry of work over the last month, we, with the help of a few dozen additional open government advocates, are able to bring you the model directive for local government. ThisRead… Read more »

School Finance Data and HB10-1036

Note: this is a cross-post from my blog, The following is a letter I sent to member of the Colorado General Assembly regarding HB10-1036, which calls for school districts to publish financial data on-line. A good thing, but how the data is published in important. This issue is of importance in light of aRead… Read more »

Rocky Mountain Gov 2.0 Camp

Today Scott Primeau and I are happy to announce that the first Rocky Mountain Gov 2.0 Camp in June 2010. Government 2.0 Camp is a participant driven and group organized unconference about government’s use of social media tools and Web 2.0 technologies. This camp will bring together government leaders, policy makers, scholars, students, contractors, andRead… Read more »

Special Report of Social Networking from the Economist

Hello all, Just wanted to share some information (FT Doug Cornelius). The January 30th edition of The Economist contains a special report on social networking. The report is available on-line for download at The following are links to the inidividual stories: A world of connections Online social networks are changing the way people communicate,Read… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 9 – Productivity and Impact of Misuse

Productivity Social media tools can be valuable resources when used for work-related activities, but inappropriate use of these tools can be a drain on employer resources. Therefore, if an employer supports the use of social media tools during work hours, then that employer’s social media policy should include a reminder to employees that their useRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 8 – Confidential Information, Terms of Service, and Legal Issues

Although it may be a matter of common sense that employees should follow terms of service and the law and also not to disclose confidential information, most social media policies include clauses stating that employees are responsible for their actions with regard to confidential information, terms of service, and obeying the law. What else shouldRead… Read more »