DC Week Kick Off Party

Last night was the DC Week Kickoff Party, hosted by Palantir and held at Long View Gallery. It was a big event with close to 1000 people in attendance. A friend best described the event to me as a “kids birthday party but for adults”. There were various stations of art, photography, dancing, music and many more for attendees to engage in. I would have to say the highlight of my evening was walking on stilts (which probably made me the same height as Mr. GovLoop haha). Here is a photo of me on stilts:

Here is video of some music:

I will be at the Data BBQ tomorrow at Insomniac Designs. Are you going? If you are, make sure to say hi (you might get some nice swag)!

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Kathleen Smith

There was also this awesome video made by yours truly and my pal Steve Radick. Hope it will make it past the censors!

Micheal Mullen

I was actually on the stilts right before you. so much fun. Sadly, I was nowhere near as good on these I thought I would be.