Dealing with Difficult Colleagues

Dealing with Difficult Colleagues
Next Gen Conference Workshop
Presented by
Dr. Fred Soto
Senior Advisor Performance Innovation and Learning
® Address how a deeper understanding of relationship conflicts can help an organization to achieve its goals.
® Explore proven strategies to help participants foster a “conflict smart” work relationships.
® Identify positive actions to eliminate and/or reduce costly conflicts in the work place.
The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy
Dr. Martin Luther King
Chewing Gum for the Mind
“The rationale for resolving conflicts with colleagues must be crystal clear. Being conflict savvy should not be an approach that says “lets try to make everybody feel better.” It must be a personal philosophy that considers the people aspect of an organization in perspective with other essential elements. The real focus must be on helping an organization to achieve its mission.”

Food for Thought
“All conflicts can be translated into a human need that is not being met. Conflict is based on a misunderstanding of each other’s needs. Once the misunderstanding is resolved — the potential for reconciliation is increased.”
Workplace Conflicts May Include:
Differences between organization and individual goals
Professional career growth and development
Work-Life balance
Difficult bosses, boards, and committees
Challenging customers
Transitions to new supervisors
Conflict Sourcing Exercise
® This is a timed 10 minute exercise.
® Participants will discuss and generate examples of specific behaviors that could lead to difficulties with colleagues.
® An example – making derogatory statements about other employees.

Caught In a Fight?
Ø Monitor your tone of voice.
Ø State your positive intent.
Ø Tactfully interrupt interruptions.
Ø Tell your truth.
Ø Be ready to listen.
Source: Rick Brinkman & Rick Kirschner
Improving Work Relationships
o Career life goals
o Commitment to relationship
o Behavioral intentionality
o Reconciliation mindset
o Collaborative spirit
o Social Networks
o Self Development
® An Inca Indian Leaders Prayer
Oh Great Spirit, When I am wrong, make me willing to change: when I am right make me easy to live with. Help me to be strong so the power of my example will far exceed the authority of my position.
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